The Living Oceans was created in 2004 by Bernardo Sambra and his wife Valerie Crousse, looking to become a photographic crusade to gather, through various initiatives and projects, the images of the best underwater photographers in the world with one goal: to create awareness of the beauty and fragility of the oceans and their inhabitants and also help educating the general public, especially the younger generations, about the importance of the oceans to man and our planet. 

Under the slogan "Protecting through images, "The Living Oceans has published three books, the latter of which, OCEANS, published in limited edition with foreword by the renowned underwater photographer David Doubilet, was awarded with the PADIS prize as the Grand Book of the Year PADIS award. Among the many initiatives developed by The Living Oceans there are two major exhibitions: "OCEAN EXPO", which was presented in South America and Asia, and "OCEANS: A World to Discover" that has been recognized as one of the best underwater photography exhibitions in the world. OCEANS brought together the work of 14 of the most renowned underwater photographers in the world and over 150 large-format photographs that could be appreciated by thousands of people. 

As part of the initiatives undertaken by The Living Oceans, Bernardo and Valerie, and recently their daughters Alessia and Flavia, created Oceans 4KIDS, a vehicle to give presentations to children from different schools and edit books specially designed and conceived in which they seek to convey the beauty of the underwater world and invite new generations to care for and discover the wonderful world that lies under the oceans of our planet.

“We can only protect what we know” — Bernardo Sambra. Founder | The Living Oceans​​​​​​​

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